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Law: Set of norms governing the human behavior

Law is a bunch of rules and guidelines that govern the behavior and conduct of the society and are formulated by government, enforceable through public institutions. Every action of the individual is governed by laws for ensuring peace and discipline among the public.

Laws are designed for protection of the fundamental rights and freedom of the individual while treating everyone equally without any discrimination. Laws can be classified into two branches: Public Law and Private Law. Public Laws are also recognized as Common Laws in several countries and framed to govern the relationships between individuals or companies and state. Criminal laws, Constitutional laws and Administrative laws fall in the category of Public Laws. If an individual violates any law, then it is considered as an unlawful deed and threat to the society as a whole. The concerned authority is responsible to initiate the legal proceedings against the offender for maintaining the public order. Public Laws aim at safeguarding the lives and properties of the people. Private laws cover the areas of disputes related to torts, contract, property, labour laws, commercial laws, corporation laws, etc.

Maintaining peace is not the sole objective of laws; it also offers countless ways to resolve the disputes mutually to skip the tedious legal procedures. Ofcourse, such alternatives are not for the litigations involved with any kind of offence as it creates a detrimental impact on the society risking the lives of the people. Law is the foremost criteria for maintaining peace and safety in the society and for protection of individual rights and properties. Another goal of law is the fair treatment to every individual regardless of the status, caste, reputation of the individual. It ensures that the people with powerful positions do not abuse or exceed their authorities or take undue advantage of the others.


Law serves as the backbone of the society that controls the right and wrong behavior of the people promoting goodness and peace. As the public becomes acquainted or familiar with the existing laws it creates a terror among the people regarding the consequences of violating it. It compels the criminals to account for their illegal actions that are committed to harm the other individual or property. In the absence of laws there would be chaos and conflicts in the society between communities and social groups. It plays a pivotal role in shaping the economics, politics and society in countless ways and acts as an intermediary of relationships between different public and other bodies. Law is subjected to several amendments from time to time according to the altering needs of the society.